Fellow word nerds, I've got some news that's sure to turn your pages! Toronto bookstore, The Monkey's Paw, recently added a machine that dispenses random old books to the tune of $2 a pop. How it works is, you walk up, give it two dollars, it does a magic spell, and out drops a vintage novel for you to take home, read, and love forever. Unless it's that's saucy tramp Lady Chatterley's Lover, and then burn that shit*.

[The Monkey's Paw owner Stephen] Fowler envisioned something extremely low-tech-like a cardboard box with an assistant hiding inside, passing out books-when he floated the idea to friend Craig Small, who helps run the Toronto-based animation studio Juggernaut. But Small's vision was grander. "I wanted to make this a destination piece for the store and was hoping it would resonate with three types of people: book lovers, appreciators of design, and makers," he says. Taking inspiration from Monkey's Paw aesthetic, 1950s refrigerators, an old Campbell's Soup vending machine, and vintage diner milkshake blenders, he says the resulting piece is somewhere between a vending machine and a "kinetic sculpture."


Road trip, anyone?

This Vintage-Looking Vending Machine Dispenses Rare Books For Just $2 [FastCo]

*JK keep it forever because masturbation is fun!

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