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Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello Hospitalized for Appendicitis Complications

Illustration for article titled iMagic Mike/is Joe Manganiello Hospitalized for Appendicitis Complications

Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike’s well-hung teddy bear and recent cameo delight in Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, has been hospitalized for complications related to appendicitis. As of Sunday, April 17, he had not yet been discharged.


From TMZ:

“Sources connected with the actor tell us Joe went into the hospital late last week to have his appendix removed, but when doctors went in they were alarmed. We do not conclusively know the nature of the problem, but one source says his appendix burst.”


Manganiello was forced to cancel a Sunday, April 17 appearance because of what his rep refers to as “a chronic condition.” He’s been relatively quiet on social media, although he did recently post a quick, sweet shout out to his wife, Sofia Vergara.

Let’s all send Joe our most positive vibes and revisit these exquisite two minutes of cinema in solidarity. We’re rooting for you, buddy.

Top Image via Getty. Embedded Image via Twitter. Video via YouTube.

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Appendicitis can be a big deal if it bursts :( Hope he gets better soon, that sucks.