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Okay, so I knew who Sienna Miller was, but I didn't know that she was dating someone named Rhys Ifans — throughout the story I actually thought "Ifans" was UK slang for the iPhone enabled citizen paparazzi, so I was sort of confused — and he is older than her and she is super happy. "The big, big thing I've discovered, the big secret, is that it's all about how happy you are. People forget your flaws and imperfections if they see you're happy." Put another way, they forget your existence if they see you are happy and it's with someone who the photo evidence would not be sufficiently valuable to make it worthwhile trying to destroy said happiness, but whatever. Oh! She's in a movie with Keira Knightley written by Keira Knightley's mom and she claims she had to gain weight for the part. (Lindsay Lohan was supposed to have the role.) (God what a fucking trainwreck just typing those words….) (Click pic for more.)

(What would even possess someone to cast Lohan in a Welsh WWII period piece about a poet?) (A deranged sense of humor, sure, but!) Also I know I should have known this but I did not realize that Sienna Miller's mom had been David Bowie's secretary. Otherwise Elle is boring save for Chloe Sevigny's assertion that clear plastic bra straps are "tacky," because obviously, Chloe calling anything tacky is pretty awesome.

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Dodai Stewart

someone doesn't read dirt bag! (probably because her first story is due right after it goes up)