We were late coming to Lucky. As in, two years late. We just didn't get it. A shopping magazine? Who can afford to go shopping nowadays? But we soon realized that "The Magazine About Shopping" is not about spending money, but about the fantasy of spending money, which we're totally down with (another reason we love catalogs) . And now, there isn't more of a jump-for-joy day (think bunnies...flowers...puppies...all that greeting-card shit) than when the magazine arrives in our mailbin. Did we mention we love stickers? No? WE LOVE STICKERS.

The March issue has a surprisingly beautiful Ali Larter (she's gotten more attractive with age) on its cover, and promises of 4,000 free gifts, 942 amazing finds (who counts this stuff?) and SHOES, SHOES SHOES!!!

And let's be honest: there's not much of note within the first 220 pages that gets our panties in a twist other than a whimsical-yet-dark, display-worthy ceramic platter by Laura Zindel, and the continually annoying parade of "real women" models, all of whom seem to be uniformly thin of figure and fat of wallet.

But then, the Spring Shoe Guide: Wood-heel wedges (check out the metallic leather pair by Anya Hindmarch). Slingback sandals. Ankle-strap flats (we want the pair by Delman or Sigerson Morrison). Cork heels (those patent-leather and mesh Louboutins...are you fucking kidding?). Flat sandals (we hate to jump on the Tory Burch bandwagon, but her leather "Ali" style is to die for).


Time to go change those panties.