Deprivation is not generally big with the women's magazines, which tend to abide by the Bonnie Fuller "You are entitled to all the sex/money/chocolate/babies/lipgloss/self-esteem you want RIGHT NOW" principle. The "Green issues" coming out this season (the Earth... so hot right now!) are no exception, with most of the copy focused on shit you should spend more money on because it's somehow "organic." But Elle refuses to rely solely on the usual fair-haired Sheryl/Cameron/Bono eco-celeb suspects, adding a twist to this well-worn, obligatory Prius-mentioning formula: Minorities! Two of them! In a single story! Although the story is mostly focused on smarmy "eco-consultant" Danny Seo, there's also lots of great stuff on his friend and client Kerry Washington, who looks kind of familiar because she was (not particularly great) in Ray. Says Kerry:

"I feel so much more at peace waking up in a home when I know that my sheets and my mattress don't contribute to the destruction of forests, the air is healthy because I didn't use toxic paint, and my clothes didn't destroy the lives of children in Central America."

We presume Kerry would rather destroy the lives of the elderly Koreans who own the dry-cleaners she refuses to patronize because it's so much better for the fucking environment. But we don't know, because dry-cleaning is curiously absent from the story, which instead focuses on stuff Kerry has bought thanks to Danny's messianic salesmanship, like her "energy efficient" plasma TV, which consumes slightly less than four times as much power as the old energy-inefficient cathode-ray box we never have time to watch since we started obliterating the rain forest with our magazine habits. Funny, that.

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