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In a transparent bid to get a ladymag Sarah Palin exclusive, Glamour EIC Cindi Leive says Palin is a "great communicator," and "great for women," despite that icky rape kit business. In addition, she compares women disliking Palin to their disliking Martha Stewart. "Back in the day when she first had her TV show, there were a lot of women who just loved to hate on Martha Stewart. And on some level it always seemed like they were feeling put down by her choices... Why do you feel like that’s a referendum on how you live your life? Women take Sarah Palin’s choices really personally. And I think that real progress for women will be when there’s just enough of us out there that you don’t feel like every woman’s behavior is some kind of referendum on you and your choices." Well, last time we checked, Martha Stewart never tried to pass a law forcing anyone else to stencil her mantle. [NY Mag]



The comparison is completely invalid: we dislike Martha Stewart because she possesses skills we do not. The only thing Palin's got on me in the abilities department is her knowledge of firearms.