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Illustration for article titled MagHag

The spine of Allure reads "The Beauty Expert." That's the mag's claim to fame. Nowhere does it say that the publication is for the mentally handicapped, three year olds, those recovering from spinal cord injuries or Neanderthals. (Or Cro-Mags, heh.) So it is impossible to comprehend why the glossy felt the need to publish a step-by-step charticle on how to take a shower. And yeah: It's illustrated. We suspect that they have just. Run. Out. Of. Ideas. Click the cover to see the piece in question.

Illustration for article titled MagHag

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@Archetype: I think it was Oprah that told me to wash my face last because if you get conditioner on your skin, it can make you oily. Also, ditto on the body oil (I use Booth's) and air drying. Leaves me softer than any baby I've ever met.