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What do you say to people who say Cosmopolitan is anti-feminist? The New York Review of Magazines asks EIC Kate White. "People from the outside usually judge Cosmo that way, but the reader never does. So many of our readers write in to tell us about how empowered they are. That's what matters." I guess empowering American women to be sexually erotic is of paramount virtue to Cosmo readers, as White adds, "Readers don't come to Cosmo to learn about the genital mutilation of women in the Third World." When asked about her forebear, Helen Gurley Brown, White admits that she never really read Cosmo when Brown was running the show, and that she feels no pressure to be like the former editor because "our reader doesn't care about the past. She's all about the here and now." As long as the here and now doesn't include mutilated genitals! [NYRM]


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@JessicaLovejoy: I think God put you here to test *my* faith...: Wait! You forgot your cockring/scrunchie!!!!

I couldn't have said it any better myself... though I would probably through in a few more LOLs or J/Ks, as they tend to cut the level one wishes to be taken seriously (or should I say srsly) in half.