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Breaking news! Former Elle fashion director Nina Garcia is (purportedly) unemployed no more. Apparently we'll be hearing any minute now that she's taken a "major position" at Marie Claire. Marie Claire, you might remember, is also rumored to be taken over the sponsorship spot once held by Elle for the sixth season of Project Runway, when it begins airing on Lifetime. Which would mean that Nina could keep her judging spot on The Greatest Show on Earth, too. So again we ask: What does it all mean? Eh, fuck if we know. Congrats, Nina. [NYMag via Fashion Week Daily]



Who cares what channel it's on? If it's a good show it's a good show, no matter where it's showing!

Having said that . . .

New producers, new sponsors, new location . . . doesn't sound very promising. I'll give it a chance but I'm not holding out a lot of hope for the continued success of Project Runway at this point.