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Former Playboy Playmate (and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, in the '80s) Carrie Leigh has now launched her own magazine, called Nude. Leigh says her vision is extremely different from Playboy: "I don't look at the women as models. I look at them as human beings. I don't want to show women as weak, or as prisoners. There's nothing wrong with being a sexual being. What's important is that the women are true to themselves." The mag features "world-class" black and white photography, and the current issue features snaps of "heavyset" women taken by Leonard Nimoy. (!!!) Leigh, who was 19 when she moved into the Playboy Mansion and 24 when she left, calls the place "a Disneyland for men." She claims she has nothing against Playboy, "But I don't like what living in that house of make-believe did to me as a person." [Rush & Molloy; Nude]


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Hmm. I'd have to flip through before I made any definitive opinion comments. Sounds neat, though.