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Ooh! Is there going to be a rumble in Ladymagville, U.S.A.? ELLE and Vogue are both having their company holiday parties at Socialista, in NYC's Meatpacking district. ELLE beats Vogue in getting there first (their party is Dec. 17; Vogue's is Dec. 18.) Tension! Meanwhile, the CosmoGIRL! staff seems to be getting short-changed as their editor-in-chief is hosting a "goofy hat exchange" at a location TBA. (Um, we would rather have an open bar kthanxbye!) while the Self party seems equally wholesome: Bowling! Lucky staffers are being encouraged to chow down at Pop Burger and W is getting wasted and singing Pat Benatar all night long at a Karaoke party at East Village speakeasy Death & Co. (May we recommend the punch bowls?) Glamour's affair is at Tillman's eatery and Nylon is encouraging mid-day drinking by hosting a lunch at Pamplona's. [Fashion Week Daily]

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@Lizawithazee and @lolly71: I tried to get the day off and was met with a lot of disapproving looks and "oh but it is sooo fun and Boss really needs everyone to be there" also Christmas bonuses are handed out at lunch. From my experience here, anyone who manages to call in sick or otherwise miss the luncheon are risking having their bonuses "forgotten". I'm about done with this firm though, so I'll probably call in sick, risk the bonus, and start sending out resumes ASAP. For real though - who sets work Christmas parties on Christmas Eve? Especially when Christmas is on a Tuesday and I could have a nice long weekend with my family?! (sorry for hijacking the comments with my personal angst!)