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Pixie Geldof is on the cover of Tatler. Now, I knew vaguely about Peaches, but I don't really think I knew about Pixie, so thank god for this story, which manages to offer up a detailed profile of the 17-year-old…uh…celebuspawn without a single quote. Oooh, did Pixie deny the writer access? Because in the grand tradition of "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold" Tatler managed to glean a bona fide gallimaufry of telling details, such as that she loves sharks, worships Edie Sedgwick, listens only to vinyl, studies art and psychology and philosophy and media, "exudes street cool yet is a home girl," and her favorite poem is "The Ballad of Reading Gaol", which Oscar Wilde wrote whilst in prison for gayness about how men kill the things they love, which leads me to the most ridiculous sentence in the story. (Click the pic.)

"She is also an adventurer, poetry lover, embryonic lyricist, singer, A-level student…and paradox."


Oh brother. And yeah this magazine is owned by Condé Nast.


@honeybunchesofoats: If you are, in fact, being eclipsed by your children, you should immediately put too much makeup on the youngest one, start partying with the elder one, blame the media for any all problems including drug addiction, half-assed lesbianism, and ill-advised leggings, and, of course, get a reality show.