Jesus Luz nabbed the next campaign for the Argentine label Ona Saez, which counts soccer legend Diego Maradona among its past spokesmodels. The apparent theme for the shoot? All about Jesus. It's the punniest thing you'll see all week!

Jesus Te Ama. Geddit? Question: given the popularity of the name Jesus in many parts of Latin and South America, wouldn't its joke potential be pretty worn out by now? Apparently somebody expects these double-entendres to still sell tee shirts.

And in case you thought that was a fluke, have another pun! That's a cross necklace right there. I wonder why they just didn't paint on a bleeding sacred heart?


Jesus is an even less convincing shadow boxer than Amber Rose.


There's something creepy and objectifying about the topless blonde model whose face is nearly obscured by her hair in the one shot, and only used for parts in the other. Also, those pants are the least flattering garment to wrap around the lower half of a natural born female since the summer everyone was wearing those awful stretchy jersey culottes.


Pun! And in case you forgot why that mug is supposed to be funny, Jesus tattooed his name there just for you. I wonder which people regret more: tattooing their own names on themselves, or tattooing someone else's?

All images via Made in Brazil

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