Madonna: Why Stop At One When You Can Achieve World "Green" Magazine Cover Domination?

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  • Oh, look, it's Madonna. On the cover of a glossy magazine's "green" issue. How novel! And even more exciting: Elle is doing some fashion designer water bottle promotion. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Robin Givhan on Madge: "Her latest incarnation — blond waves, lace-up boots and a corset — speaks to the most old-fashioned, condescending sentiment of all: She looks good for her age." [Washington Post]
  • Christiane Amanpour slipped Diane Von Furstenburg a note Monday night saying, "Congratulations, from one dominatrix to another." Click the jump while there is still time to get a Jamie Rubin Barry Diller BDSM image out of your mind! [NYDN]
  • Food riots, rising Asian inflation and Malthusian apocalypse scares be damned, Armani will conquer the developing world. [Hindustan Times]
  • The run-down of this apparel industry salute to the Good Life featuring Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren, Martha Stewart and Tony Bennett will surely warm your cockles. [WWD]
  • If, like me, you have not left a three block radius in the past month, you may not have seen the spring window treatments at The Gap. Well some blonde lady at The Street did that for you, and guess what? She found them boring! But J. Crew is alive with color. [TheStreet]
  • "Do You Wear Heels To The Beach?" [Fabsugar]
  • "How do you avoid a crisis and keep your prom makeup from fading?" [Teen Vogue]
  • For those who have long pined for a Hermes Grannysmith apple-shaped tote with matching peeler but never dreamed it was possible. [Missbehave]

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The only thing that irks me more than the whole concept of "Go Green" is Madonna. Don't get me wrong, I like both being kind to the environment as well as the music of the Material Girl, but both the whole concept of "green" and Madonna are pretentious and vapid.

@hortense: Ha! I was thinking the same thing re the wrinkles.