Madonna Uses Swastika Image, Displeases Right-Wing French Politician

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Madonna has majorly pissed off Marine Le Pen, president of the French right-wing political party Front National, who is threatening legal action against the singer. During a stop on her world tour last week in Tel Aviv, Madonna performed "Nobody Knows Me" in front of a video montage—that included other politicians like Sarah Palin and Hu Jintao—that featured Le Pen's face with a swastika between her eyes. Le Pen has been accused of racism for her statements about Muslims and her views on immigration, but she maintains that she's a Zionist, so the Nazi imagery angered her.

As you can see in the video to the left, the image was very brief, almost subliminal, but it was enough to make Le Pen lash out against Madonna in a statement, intimating that she would sue the singer if the video is played during her tour's show in France and also getting particularly bitchy, saying, "We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes." Ouch.

If we learned anything about Madonna from Truth or Dare, it's that she will not compromise her "artistic integrity" nor will she change her show. (She said as much while speaking to her father on the phone, eating miso soup out of a silver ice bucket.) In fact, controversy makes her downright giddy. Maybe she and her backup singers will march, hand-in-hand, and sing her famous protest song "Holiday," harkening back to the days of Toronto, when she fought for the right to simulate masturbation.

Madonna Projects Swastika on French Politician Marine Le Pen's Face During Concert [THR]

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