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Madonna On Helping Malawi Orphans: "It Gives You Such An Appreciation For Life"

Illustration for article titled Madonna On Helping Malawi Orphans: It Gives You Such An Appreciation For Life

Madonna's new documentary, I Am Because We Are, aired last night on the Sundance Channel. The film explores the lives of of children in Malawi orphaned by AIDS, and, in a clip (posted after the jump) Madonna talks about her own loss: "I can't compare my suffering to other children, but when I was six years old, my mother died," she says. "I think I really have a connection to children who lose their parents." In another clip from the film, also seen after the jump, Madonna says, "People always ask me why I chose Malawi…I tell them I didn't," she claims. "It chose me."


"When you lose your parents, you lose your direction. You lose your focus in life," Madonna narrates. "When I see these kids here — and I think, they've lost their father, they're lost their mother, they've lost their house — and yet they still can smile about it, I think, how could I ever feel bad about anything?"

In this clip, Madonna explains how she came to know about the 1 million children orphaned in Malawi. She admits that she didn't know where the country was at first, and had to look it up on a map.


I Am Because We Are [Official Site]
I Am Because We Are Screening Dates [Sundance Channel]

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful but evil queen who had a magic mirror. Every day she would go up to it and say "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most fashionable of them all?" Every day, the mirror would reply "You, O! Queen, art the most trendy, with suits of Dior and shoes of Fendi!"

Until, one day, when the queen went to the mirror and asked, it replied "Queen, you are lovely and sage, but Angelina Jolie and her international adoptions are now all the rage."

And then the queen pulled out a map and found Malawi...

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, though, even if she wanted to get a healthy dose of self-aggrandizement in this movie, she has still done a good thing by drawing attention to the issue, so, l'chaim, Madonna dear.