Reports of Madonna unraveling live on stage during her Rebel Heart Tour have probably been blown out of proportion, but the fact that she took time to Instagram at The Daily Mail is a little alarming.

She appears to be responding to an article that mentions her pulling the shirt off a teen girl in Brisbane, and also brings up accusations that her performance at Sydney’s Allphones arena started a whole ten minutes later than initially promised by promoters. The Daily Mail shared photos of seats looking empty to support their story, but who the hell knows when they were taken:

Not that Madonna’s grainy shot is any more revealing. Those seats could be occupied by pink glow sticks instead of people. Madonna is supposedly experiencing emotional distress due to an intense custody fight with Guy Ritchie over their son Rocco. If this is true, I hope she is able to find the help she needs, and also encourage her to step away from social media.

UPDATE: Several people on Twitter who I suspect are actually the same person, have notified me that this is the article that Madonna was actually referring to. Mea culpa. The Daily Mail has written half a dozen nearly identical articles about Madonna in Australia, but let’s condemn them for the right one.


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