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Madonna is thisclose to becoming the next Anna Wintour, at least in the eyes of animal-rights activists. The pop star and friend of vegan Stella McCartney dyed the sheep at her English estate an array of hues, the better to art direct them for a shoot for Vogue. Says an RSPCA spokesman: "It sends out the wrong message about how to use animals." We sorta can't help but have images of Ingrid Newkirk going a little crazy with the Manic Panic on an unsuspecting Madonna. [Sun UK]


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As annoying as I find Madonna and her fake British accent (which, at this point, I classify as its own entity in and of itself, it's so terrible), people will get uppity over the most ridiculous shit. I would love to write a letter "Dear Stella: Madonna's actions have in no way inspired me to dye a sheep. Your inane whining, however, has inspired me to eat one. I don't even like the taste of mutton, but I'm making an exception just for you."