Madonna is not necessarily a favorite of famous feminists. Both Camille Paglia and Germaine Greer have weighed in on the singer's half-century mark this week: Paglia rags on the Material Girl for her looks ("hard-bitten face lolling its tongue like a dissolute old streetwalker") and Greer for her clothes and her choice to have children later in life ("She is the elderly mother of Lourdes, nearly 12, Rocco eight, and David Banda, nearly three.") Really, ladies? You had to go there? [Salon, The Sun]


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@jrhys: No, I'm fucked. Everyone else is fine, and no one else looks old to me. If Madge popped another baby out on TV on her birthday I'd be all, "Oh, how great!" Then I'd decide I'm too old to walk around the block. Where do I live? Mostly inside my own head, sigh. You, and anyone who has kids over 40, is absolutely in a better position than I was at 24. Single mom for the longest, hard struggle, didn't earn as much as my male counterparts... at my age now, I'm certainly more emotionally prepared, and more financially stable.

Maybe I should stop beating myself up, huh? I have my mother to thank. Ugh.