Madonna's been a busy bee, lately. She turned up at the Grammys looking like Colonel Sanders, and tonight she'll appear alongside Miley Cyrus on MTV's Unplugged. Next week? She'll intro two members of Pussy Riot at an Amnesty International concert in Brooklyn.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina will be popping by the "Bringing Human Rights Home" concert (though NOT as a band!) at Barclays on February 5. And Madonna will be there to steal their powers greet them, the AP reports. Her statement:

"I am honored to introduce my fellow freedom fighters Masha and Nadya from Pussy Riot. I have admired their courage and have long supported their commitment and the sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom of expression and human rights," commented Madonna.

"My fellow freedom fighters" is an interesting choice of words. Also very Madonna! Let's just hope she leaves the cowboy hats at home.


Place your bets as to where Madonna will pop up next, folks. Will it be walking amid the cars stalled on the Atlanta interstate? Delivering a three-day-late response to the State of the Union address? Only time will tell.

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