Madonna Dishes On "Fat Thighs"; Turning 50

Madonna has always been brutally honest, and her interview on last night's Nightline was no exception. Madge's take on Malawi is possibly distorted, as we discussed earlier, but so is her take on her own body. In the clip above, Madonna laments her "big fat thighs," which she attributes to her Italian mama. On one level, at least she's being straight up about her body issues — stars, they hate themselves, just like us! But on another level, this is a woman who appears to exercise several hours a day and adhere to a strict diet, and she can't even appreciate all of her own hard work. Madonna is also asked how she will feel about her upcoming 50th birthday. She replies, "Fuck you. I'm fifty." If only she had the same "fuck you" attitude about her figure.

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@MakeMeSmile: Everyone sees their own imperfections, I don't think it's fair to say she has no right to be insecure because there are bigger people out there. I'm smaller than most people, but I still have things about my body I don't like— we're all entitled to be irrationally insecure! ;-)