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Madame Tussauds Is Doing Great Work These Days

Illustration for article titled Madame Tussauds Is Doing Great Work These Days

To mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday tomorrow, she sat for a portrait with her heirs, her son, grandson, and great-grandson, who was styled like a schoolboy circa 1906 and standing on a stack of what appear to be foam blocks wrapped in a very nice ribbon.


That picture is being made into a Royal Mail stamp sheet—a great choice for invites to bridal and baby showers for individuals of unfettered ego.

Illustration for article titled Madame Tussauds Is Doing Great Work These Days

There will be more public festivities in June, the Washington Post reports, but this week the queen will be doing things like hosting the Obamas for lunch Friday. (Can’t to see what photos we get when the no-fucks victory lap of the Obama presidency collides with Prince Harry.)

She’s also getting a birthday cake made by Great British Bake Off champ Nadiya Hussain, the Guardian reports:

The winner of the popular BBC show said she would be serving an orange drizzle cake with orange curd and orange buttercream.

Revealing the news on ITV’s Loose Women, Hussain said the cake would be “very citrusy”. She had considered doing a fruit cake but told the panel: “I thought ‘Let’s do something a little bit different’.”

The mother of three said: “When I told the kids [I was making a cake for the Queen], the boys were great at keeping it a secret. I told my daughter and she said, ‘Oh Mary Berry? You’ve made lots of cakes for Mary Berry.’”

Indeed, rank hath its privileges.

Photo via Getty Images.

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