Mad Men's Misogyny Based On True Stories • Marriott's Lawyers Not To Blame For Victim-Blaming

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• According to the writers behind Mad Men, much of the office sexism that seems characteristic of the era is actually based on the their own experiences in the modern workplace.


• "The truth is that a lot of these moments that seem period and horrible for women come directly from experiences that I and the other women writers have had in our lifetimes," says writer Robin Veith. • A recent study of 1,000 low-income families found that one in four children between the ages of 11-16 are sexually active. The average age at which these teens and preteens lost their virginity was 12.77. Researchers also found that boys reported their first sexual experience at younger ages (average: 12.48) than girls (13.16). • Research from the University of Washington indicates that US-born Asian American women are at a higher risk for both contemplating and attempting suicide. 15.3% of Asian American women have admitted to thinking about suicide, compared with the national estimate of 13.5%. • Here is some totally obvious information: White men have an easier time finding jobs than women or minorities. A new study reports that white males receive more job leads for managerial positions, but black men and women get more leads for positions that would not require them to supervise any other workers. • President Obama is drawing criticism from gay rights groups for his failure to overturn a Clinton-era law that gives states the right to refuse to recognize marriages performed in other states. "It is not enough to disavow this discriminatory law, and then wait for Congress or the courts to act," said the president of the Human Rights Campaign. • Researchers have found that increased sexual activity can lead to increased productivity in the workplace. Apparently, sex can improve problem-solving skills and creativity. • A new book, Das KZ Bordell, details the horrible reality of life in concentration camp brothels. The Nazis suspected that their prisoners would work harder if they were given an incentive, so they enlisted women from the camps to work as prostitutes, which were segregated according to race and closely monitored (read: peepholes) by SS officials. • Get a load of this: "Morning chicness" barf bags. Because if you have a vagina, even your vomit has to be pretty. • A study of women's magazines found that more than a third of the mags examined depicted babies sleeping in unsafe positions. • An attorney for the Marriott hotel in Stamford has said he is not responsible for the victim blaming defense that the hotel is not responsible for a woman who was raped in their parking garage. He says the insurance company has been handling the whole thing, and that he asked for the defense to be withdrawn weeks ago. •

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Alpine Joe

Re: Mad Men sexual harassment. I used to work with an older woman who'd been in the workplace for decades. She said there were places you didn't want to work late cuz the bosses would chase you around the desk.

And she got let go once because she got pregnant.