Make yourself a nightcap and light up a smoke, because we're going to 1963.

10:55 That was it!?

10:44 Ugh. The male secretary gets his own secretary?

10:42 God, Pete is such a weenie.

10:35 I wonder if gay sex was hotter in the '60s because it was so forbidden, adding to the excitement level.

10:34 Scratch that. GAY SEX!

10:24 Am I the only one who is disappointed by this episode so far? It's really oddly paced and not getting to any of the shit that interests me (Peggy, Joan, Betty, etc.).

10:21 I was wondering how long it was gonna take before they had a party-girl stewardess storyline.


10:20 Hey smokers: Does this show make you wanna light up more than normal?

10:18 OMG, that lady's hair hat at Pete's house! She looks like Phyllis Diller after a few drinks.

10:12 Silver fox!

10:10 I like that the women on the show re-wear their outfits, like Peggy and her plaid ruffles.


10:08 Lesbian!

10:05 Has anyone ever drank warm milk? I've never known anyone to.