On last night's Mad Men we got to see Don Draper's daughter Sally go through an experience that most daughters have probably gone through: being brought to work. When Don is called into the office on Palm Sunday, he has to bring Sally in with him while his wife Betty deals with another emergency. Joan has to take on the role of babysitter while Don works, but Sally escapes from Joan's not-so-watchful eye to wreak some havoc around the office: Commenting on Joan's breasts, spying on a short-shorts wearing Pete Campbell (this was the early '60s), asking Paul if his black girlfriend is his maid (and if he laid on top of her), and ending the day with a catnap after stealing some sips of alcohol. Not as exciting as we remember our time spent in our parents' offices, although being regulated to the secretary's care and being warned about the paper-cutter aren't far off.