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Mad Flow: Watch a Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle

We have discussed menstrual cups before, but we've never actually seen a commercial outlining what makes them so great. In this video out of the UK, two gangs — Team Tampon and Mooncup Crew — face off in the ladies room of a club. Team Tampon starts talking shit right off the bat: "You sound like something that came from outer space" and "You're gross and weird and no one understands you." But the Mooncup misses stay strong, noting "we ain't got no additives and we ain't got no chemicals." Tampon tries to insinuate that Mooncup is for tree-hugging hippies, but in the end, the Mooncup ladies win, dropping a "no strings attached" truth bomb — this is a pro-cup/anti-tampon ad, after all. You've gotta hand it to the folks at Mooncup UK: They made lyrics about lentils, landfills and vaginal dryness pretty hilarious.



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This is childish, but any time I've read/heard someone extol the wonders of the cup, my eyes glaze over. There's something about the culture of the diva cup that turns me off.