Mad Dogs & Englishmen Take Over British Topshop

At the Topshop in Oxford Circus, London on Saturday, store managers experienced their biggest shopping day of the year and the Times of London was there to document the debacle: 50,000 shoppers. 100,000 square feet of floorspace. 120 cash registers. 300 salespeople. Here's what the shoppers had to say:"My friend heard about Topshop and we thought we'd check it out. It's not my kind of thing. It's too much stuff . . . too many clothes." And:"Too much!" And: "I want diamonds. Big diamonds!" (Diamonds? At Topshop?)

And yet while these poor fools went rambling through the stores hallowed walls, the staff were left to wallow in a different sort of misery. Tsk-tsked one salesgirl:

Customers knock over mannequins, take them off their stands and just drop them, strip them of their clothes.


Said the head of security:

They will know within 20 seconds whether a person is up to no good. There's no shoplifting stereotype. As far as we're concerned, anyone is a potential thief. It's the body language — the eyes, the signs that people give off — that give it away.

And says a stockist:

Usually we try to empty the sorting room by the end of the day. But today . . .

Well the vision of the Brits as proper, polite and subdued just flew out the window, didn't it?


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