Macy's is Introducing a Fashion Line Targeted to Muslim Women Featuring Hijabs

Macy’s has announced it is partnering with fashion company Verona for the new Verona Collection. The “modest” line will feature hijabs, long cardigans, and maxi dresses.

The Washington Post reports that Macy’s may not be the first company to try and connect with the Islamic clothing market, but they are the first major retailer in the U.S. to support an entire line. Plus, the looks are supposedly affordable with items going from $13 to $85, though they are only available online.


Sabiha Ansari, co-founder of the American Muslim Consumer Consortium, told the Post that the move may be a signal to other companies to include Muslim women in their designs.

“It’s about time that this happened in the U.S.,” she said. “I hope that Macy’s sees an influx in its bottom line, and that it encourages other retailers to start paying attention to this demographic.”


Verona was founded by a fashion photographer named Lisa Vogl, who converted to Islam and eventually passed through a development program created by Macy’s to promote businesses helmed by minorities and women. She opened a store in Orlando in 2016, the “first Islamic-wear stores in a mainstream U.S. mall.” Macy’s is a big jump up, but it will likely be all to the chain’s benefit. People don’t go to retailers like they used to and they need new buyers.

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