Machiavelli couldn't have planned it better.

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We salute you Jennifer Aniston - you truly know how to fuck with the celebrity weeklies!

Lest we forget, this is the woman who carefully engineered a bunch of beachside 'loving' photos with then hubby Brad Pitt AFTER the pair had decided to divorce, waited for all the celebrity weeklies to come out with cover stories on their romantic reunion and then announced the split the day most of them hit newstands across the country. Remember "It's Baby Time!" from that paragon of truth, Star Magazine? Delicious.

Well she's done it again. Okay, it's lower key this time, so don't expect Janice Min to describe the breakup as 'our tsunami', but by letting the news slip late on a Tuesday night, she wrongfoots ALL the weekly celeb mags, who close their pages on Monday. Except People Magazine, who can be expected to have the break-up on their cover with all the sycophantic greasiness you'd expect from them. Expect major catch-up next week.


Bravo! Current score: Jen Aniston: 2 Celebrity weeklies: 0

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