M.I.A. Slightly Vindicated By Times Correction

Illustration for article titled M.I.A. Slightly Vindicated By emTimes/em Correction

In an editor's note, the Times explains that writer Lynn Hirschberg squished two quotes together, and a statement M.I.A. said was not made as presented. No word on the dis track or truffle fries. [Observer, Earlier, Earlier]


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hussein persepolis hussein

This seems to be a bit of the pot, kettle situation. It's very funny that Lynn Hirschberg felt the need to chastise MIA for her contradictory ways when she (Lynn) is writing an article to appear on the cover of the freaking magazine. Ms. Hirschberg's reporting and writing stink and she gets to publish this crappy piece for the Times? Way to go (no) NYT editorial board!

I am not defending MIA either - she comes off like a bit of an asshole and not just in this interview. I love her musics - love, love, love it. Still her pr tactics leave a lot to be desired and the arrogance is really geting tired.

I call a face-off.