M.I.A. "Owned" New York Fashion Week

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  • M.I.A. on playing the role of spokesmodel, DJ and popular celeb sighting during NY Fashion Week: "Last year I wasn't let into the Marc Jacobs party and this year I own it!" Ah, groundedness. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • International Herald Tribune fashion critic and former MJ nemesis Suzy Menkes really liked this season's (punctual!) (we're still getting over that!!) Marc Jacobs show: "It was such a good show, I would've waited three hours for it." Tell that to Robin Givhan's dog, Suze. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • On a darker note, is Marc's mom in rehab? [NY Daily News]
  • Spain is encouraging apparel manufacturers to start making clothing sizes for three distinct different body types: hourglass, pear, and cylinder. [NYT]
  • Join the Rachel Hunter-faced "Style Your Slim" Slimfast program and automatically become part of the American Express fashion rewards program. Because a woman who commits to a lifetime of shakes for breakfast, lunch and a sensible dinner is definitely committing to a lifetime of clothing sizes that change every two months. Yay, money! [FabSugar]
  • Loulou de la Falaise, onetime muse to Yves Saint Laurent, to shill costume jewelry for Home Shopping Network. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo has partnered with Speedo to design "the fastest swimsuit ever." [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Showing her Red Label line in London clearly isn't activist enough for Vivienne Westwood, who has made encouraging English designers to show in their home country into a full-out political cause. Says Red Label managing director/Westwood mouthpiece Carlo D'Amario, "London has become the global reference point for creativity and never like now there is a need for a permanent platform for the promotion of dynamic British and European talent... I call on John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Burberry among others to show their younger distribution lines here in London and unite to make London Fashion Week and London not only a centre for creativity but also for business." Talk about a rebel without a cause. [Vogue UK]
  • Jezebel girl crush Tilda Swinton on her plans for Oscar fashion: "My pajamas! I'll be watching them from home." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Hush Puppies: Still around! [The Street]
  • Revlon is reissuing its Kiss Me Coral lipstick after London-based designer Roksanda Ilinicic pulled the color from their archives to use in tomorrow's London fashion week show. Our grandmother will be so, um, "tickled"! [Vogue UK]
  • How did unsigned unknown Argentinian singer-songwriter Lights nab a gig to do the soundtrack for all Old Navy's latest look-how-hip-we-are ads? Turns out some folks still use MySpace! [AdAge]

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Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine

@Blue Skies, Golden Sunshine: OK, Mellon Collie was possibly the best album ever. I still listen to it all the time, especially the blue disc (twilight to starlight!), but only when my boyfriend's not around because all the screamy songs offend his folk-music-loving sensibilities.

They came to Richmond, VA (closest city to where I lived) when I was 13, but I couldn't get tickets. I was SO SAD, but got a tour shirt anyway. It was the one with the cute vampire on the front, it said "The world is a vampire..."

I have Adore and Machina (meh), and even bought the Zwan record. I reviewed Billy's solo record for my college paper, and I really wanted it to be good but it was pretty bad. I didn't bother with Zeitgeist but just listened to the first 3 Pumpkins albums, like, 50 times on repeat.

You guys, this has ACTUALLY made me nostalgic for 8th grade. That's hard to do, y'all. I just don't love things anymore like I did then.