Lynne Spears: Through The Storm And "We're Looking At The Sunshine"

Lynne Spears was on Today this morning discussing her new book Through the Storm, in which she talks about raising her kids under an intense spotlight. Predictably, during her interview, a lot of her answers to uncomfortable questions involved "prayer," "praying," and "God." As far as Britney's disastrous 2007 VMAs, Lynne says that a lot of the scrutiny came from the fact that the "bar has been raised too high" for her daughter, which is probably true. The most interesting tidbit was when Lynne answered questions about Sam Lutfi (who, BTW, is alternately called "Lufti," including in this segment). You can tell that she's not a fan of his. With regards to teen daughter Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, Lynne basically had a "shit happens" response. Clip above.


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Erin Gloria Ryan

So I'm working on this book that's about the genocide in Darfur told in the first person, and there was a part in the book where he's running away from his village in the middle of the night with no shoes on and he has no idea where he's going and he just saw his mother for the last time and half of his friends (children) get killed by men on horseback, and he's praying in his mind, "God, why god, I'm just a little boy, God, come and save me God" and God doesn't appear, or do anything.

The mental hangover I'm having from that passage, juxtaposed with this clip, is making me think, Lynne Spears, what the fuck makes you think that God gives a shit about you and your ridiculous life?

I'm in a little bit of a stabby mood, I am.