Lying To Loved Ones: A Good Idea?

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Ever lie to your significant other? Does s/he ever lie to you? According to a new survey by the esteemed scientists at Harlequin Romance, one in two American men and women have lied to get out of a date. (What do you use? An old friend is in town, I think I've got the flu, I have to work late?) The study also found that 61% of men think it's okay to lie when a woman asks "does this make me look fat?" (Something you should really never ever ask anyone. I think that just saying the word "fat" puts it in the person's head and then they will always look at you that way.) And so while everyone thinks these little white lies are all well and good, you've got to wonder: Is lying a slippery slope?


Most of the time, honestly is the best policy, even if it stings. At least you know "the truth." Because isn't lying kind of addictive? I'd had friends who dated guys who suddenly turned out to be married. With kids. These are the same guys who say stuff like, "You always look gorgeous" (lie!) or "You're the best I've ever had." Once you get in the "tell 'em what they want to hear" mode, is it hard to break out? Is it okay to tell a guy he looks great when he doesn't? Is it okay to tell a guy his cooking is great (when it's not)? Is it okay to tell a guy he's great in bed (when he's not)? Where do you draw the line? Personally, I think lying about sex, exes and money is a no-no. But that's just me. What is it not okay to lie about?

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@jenalicious: @NotIt: "Lying by omission", especially when it comes to parents, is always rough. I do think that most of the time it's to spare the child confusion and hurt when they are too young to understand, but often leads to worse discoveries than if they had just grown up knowing. My mom left out the part of the story of my father's motorcycle accident death that he had been drinking beforehand. I found this out when I discovered his autopsy report in a box in the basement and read the exact amount of beer and bourbon found in his stomach by the coroner... needless to say it was a traumatic day.