Sam Lutfi's never exactly seemed like a stand-up guy in Britney's fucked-up life, but at least he wasn't one of the ones who was sleeping with her and never seemed to let her drive. Well, it turns out he might've been the worst of the worst. According to documents filed by Lynne Spears (and released this afternoon) in support of a restraining order against Lutfi, Lutfi cut Britney's landlines, removed her cell phone chargers, disabled her cars, plied her with pills, berated her, claimed that her obedience to him was the only way she'd ever get to see her kids again and tried desperately to keep her parents away. Say what you want about Britney's grasping stage parents, at least they realize that the gravy train stops if she's so fucked up she can't work anymore. Lutfi, by the way, is running around L.A. trying to avoid being served with the restraining order so that he can still try to exercise some control over Britney without being arrested. [AP News]