Brittany Norwood, the woman who was charged last March with murdering her Lululemon co-worker Jayna Murray at the Maryland store where the two women worked, was found guilty this Saturday of murder in the first degree and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The March 11 murder occurred as the result of an argument between the two women that erupted after Murray, a then graduate student at Johns Hopkins Univeristy, caught 29-year-old Norwood stealing a pair of yoga pants. Norwood then attacked and killed Murray, delivering 330 blows with five different weapons to Murray's body. In attempt to cover up the murder, Norwood inflicted minor wounds on her own body, bound her limbs, and fabricated a story about two third-party attackers, which investigators believed for a few days before unravelling the truth.


Circuit Court Judge Robert Greenberg delivered his sentence with a litany of damning adjectives such as "cold-blood," "brutal," and "malicious" to an applauding courtroom. Murray's parents (pictured above) looked on as their daughter's killer delivered her sincere apologies just moments before sentencing: "Before I go to prison, I needed you to hear how deeply sorry I am."

Brittany Norwood, the "Lululemon Killer," Gets Life with No Parole [Atlantic Wire]