Lululemon Employee Charged With Murdering Co-worker

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Lululemon Athletica store employee Jayna Murray was found dead last Saturday at the Lululemon outlet store in Bethesda, MD.


Murray was found alongside a co-worker who had been bound and claimed she was attacked in the same incident by two men wearing masks. Reports indicated that both women had been sexually assaulted.

Stranger still, during a press conference Friday, Montgomery County police said they had charged that co-worker, 28-year-old Brittany E. Norwood, with the slaying.


Police Chief J. Thomas Manger says the two women had a dispute prior to the incident and that there was no evidence that either woman had been sexually assaulted.

TBD explains the mystery wrapped in a riddle:

"Manger described the case as having many twists and turns. The police at one point had several promising leads. However, statements from Norwood and the forensic evidence didn't match up. "We went where the evidence let us to go," he said.

Police recovered two sets of bloody footprints inside the store. One set belonged to Norwood. The other set was made by a pair of shoes that were used by the store to measure pants. The second pair of shoes was recovered.

Police suspect Norwood caused her own wounds after killing Murray, who died on account of blunt force trauma and stab wounds, authorities said."

The murder took place in a commercial area in downtown Bethesda, which was able to provide detectives with some hope that video footage of the area could provide them with a few leads. However, upon examination of the tapes, police were unfortunately unable to find anything useful.

Brittany Norwood, co-worker, arrested in Lululemon murder [TBD]

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FreudianNipSlip can someone be "reportedly found dead"? Is there some sort of question as to whether the women, possibly found, was indeed dead?