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Lucy Liu Will Play Watson in New Sherlock Holmes Show, If You Can Dig It

Illustration for article titled Lucy Liu Will Play Watson in New Sherlock Holmes Show, If You Can Dig It

CBS has picked up a new batch of half-baked shows that will either give viewers salmonella or be melty and delicious, including a Sherlock Holmes show called — brace yourselves — Elementary. Another Sherlock Holmes something, you say with an exasperated sigh and an exclamation point[!] Ah, but this Sherlock Holmes show has a twist — Watson will be played by a woman, none other than turn-of-the-millenium-female-action-star Lucy Liu. Aren't you just soooo excited that CBS is pandering to female audiences with a crime-solving sidekick? Why can't Kyra Sedgwick just play Sherlock? Oh, that's right — because she already does.


CBS Picks Up 4 New Dramas [HuffPo]

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1. Why does this show need a remake at all? It doesn't, because it's perfect.

2. As much as I want to see this as progress, I'm pretty sure they only cast a woman to avoid the gay vibe given off by the Sherlock/Watson interaction, and so they could make them hook up.

3. Maybe TV showmakers would do well to stop by tumblr and other fandom places on the net from to time to time because the gay vibe is exactly what female audiences love so much about the BBC show (among other things of course). They seem like they're sort of behind the times.