Lucky Queen Elizabeth Doesn't Sweat and Never Gets Blisters From Her Shoes

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One of the people responsible for dressing Queen Elizabeth for the past eleven years has spilled some of the secrets of keeping Her Royal Highness looking perfectly put-together at all times. Stewart Parvin told the Sunday Times that it's easy because she simply doesn't perspire:

We always choose fabrics that don't crease, we go to extra lengths to line them so they don't. I am somebody who creases all their clothes. I'm always hot, the Queen is very lucky, she doesn't crease her clothes (because) she doesn't glow. If you are a cold person your clothes don't crease.


Must be nice to be such a cold person. One of the strangest privileges of the job, however, is that she has an assistant to break in new shoes for her so that she doesn't get blisters on her royal feet (pictured above) during public appearances. According to Parvin,

(The shoes) have to be immediately comfortable . . . she does get someone to wear them. The Queen can never say "I'm uncomfortable, I can't walk any more." She has the right to have someone wear them in.

Maybe so, but ewww. Doesn't she also have the right to not have someone else's footjuice in her shoes? Of course, since she doesn't "glow" maybe she is not even aware that normal people sweat in their shoes while wearing them. Boy, the Queen truly is lucky in so many ways.

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I've always wondered exactly who was wearing/buying that heel style.