In my new favorite magazine feature of all time, Lucky Magazine put together almost 50 slides of "fashion inspired by awesome teen novels." The slideshow includes obvious but fun choices like The Hunger Games (with day and night "fire dress" options) and Twilight, but there's also The Babysitters Club (Claudia would totally love Kenzo), The Boxcar Children, The Saddle Club, Goosebumps (!!!), Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, and Little House on the Prairie. (Sample quote: "We've got an inkling the Ingalls clan owned tons of chambray. Like, before people even called it 'chambray.'")

My one teeny complaint is that Elizabeth Wakefield would never have worn pink platform sneakers. (Maybe Lila would have, though, to the gym?) Nevertheless, the entire slideshow is worth a look — I may have clicked through the entire thing three times already.


Fashion inspired by awesome teen novels [Lucky Magazine]

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