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Earlier this year, we pointed out that the editors at Lucky might be in dire need of a thesaurus or two. Perhaps the constant exposure to minor variations of the same holiday cocktail dress has prevented them from getting one. (Or maybe there just aren't enough words in the English language to describe women's apparel and accessories?) Whatever the reason, the editors are still playing Mad Libs for boots, clutches, and sequins, and with a limited word bank. After the jump, our not-at-all-scientific tally of the major word offenders in the December issue of the magazine we love to hate and hate to love.


'Pretty', 'Prettily', 'Prettiest'
Number Of Appearances: 13
Definition: -adjective, adv. 1. pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness. 2. pleasing to the eye. 3. pleasing to the ear. 4. pleasing to the mind or aesthetic taste. 5. fine; grand. 6. considerable, fairly great.
Used To Describe: $57 YSL eyeshadow (p. 216); the way that an A-line skirt works for someone with small shoulders (p. 114); a '20s silhouette (p. 259); cherry blossom print coasters (p. 247); Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerly Soft Body Shimmer (p. 164); a top to wear for a "laid-back romantic" feel (p. 109); white brocade pieces (p. 100), a subtle fragrance (p. 238); a townhouse (p. 274); a necklace that a chick who opened her own east village boutique-slash-bar-slash at WTF-23-years-old wears (p. 106); "dark and sparkly" makeup (p. 155); a potter's aesthetic (p. 282); a sweater's neckline (p. 122).


Word: 'Sexy'
Number Of Appearances: 13
Definition -adjective 1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex, risqué. 2. sexually interesting or exciting. 3. excitingly appealing; glamorous.
Used To Describe: "pieces" (cover); gold rings (p. 222); rugged boots (p. 110); the smell of tuberose (p. 240); mixing mini-skirts and knee high boots (p. 128); the 70's tuxedo vibe (p. 94); Guiseppe Zanotti shoes (p. 140); a 70's inspired dress (p. 218); black platform shoes in general (p. 25); green eyeshadow from Bourjois (p. 155); the cut of a dress (p. 100); a bedazzled panther shirt (p. 78).

Word: 'Glam', 'Glamour', 'Glamourous', 'Glamourously', 'Glamorize'
Number Of Appearances: 12
Definition: -adjective; noun; adjective; adv.; tr. v. 1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, esp. by a combination of charm and good looks. 2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity. 3. magic or enchantment.
Used To Describe: looks and makeup (cover); a way to spice up pinstripes (p. 146); tucking in a white shirt (p. 118); figure-flattering party tops (p. 116); a topaz ring (p. 56); peep toe shoes (p. 88); a gold panther necklace (p. 78); twilight prints (p. 98); MOR Flower of Narcissus Hand Lotion (p. 224); packaging at the Lauderee sweet shop in Paris (p. 194); the way a day-care center operator does not get to dress often (p. 134).

Word: 'Serious', 'Seriously'
Number Of Appearances: 7
Definition: -adjective; adv. 1. of, showing, or characterized by deep thought. 2. of grave or somber disposition. 3. being in earnest; sincere, not trifling. 4. requiring thought, concentration, or application. 5. weighty or important. 6. giving cause for apprehension. 6. of a patient's condition: having unstable or otherwise abnormal vital sings and other unfavorable indicators, as loss of appetite and poor mobility.
Used To Describe: a pair of "gleaming crimson satin heels" (p. 88); a leather bag's hardware (p. 98), the benefits of oil in wheat germ (p. 25, p. 196); a velvet purse with a "mosaic of faceted stones" (p.83); the "hit of luxury" that a clutch can inebriate its rightful owner with (p. 218); the method by which one can toughen up a wool skirt with a turtleneck (p. 148).

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I HATE HATE HATE Lucky magazine. And yet I read it, because I want to know what's being peddled as "fashion" to my young, hard-working sisters out there. When I was in my first job we didn't have idiot editors telling us that $800 bags were standard items we should have two or three of in our closets, and NO ONE USED THE WORD 'FASHIONY.' Their fashion spreads get uglier and more insulting to women's intelligence every month and the prices more comical (as in, naw, you didn't just act like it's anything less than mad stoopid to spend $60 on an EYESHADOW, did you, Lucky?).

Thank God my subscription is almost up. If I don't see the word "vibe" again for years I'll be content.

P.S. Never seen "Grey's Anatomy" either.