A few months ago, Lucky magazine changed its title logo in a small but significant way: It got rid of its period. Most people probably didn't notice the alteration, as the period โ€” like the word "Lucky" itself โ€” was designed to fall off the margin of the magazine's cover in what we assume was some sort of attempt on the art director's part to be avant-garde or whatever design aesthetic is hot right now among corporate creative-types. But anyway, we noticed... and disapproved. Suddenly, a magazine that had come across as confident, insistent and declarative seemed suddenly common and hesitant. Insecure, even! So why the punctuation change? Was it because the magazine discovered how wealthy its readers are and became a little less sure of itself? Was it the new trend in menopause? We have some thoughts that we'd like you to weigh in on... after the jump.

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