Low-Key Ads Slather NYC Subway Train in Nazi Symbols from Bizarro America

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Here’s a chill marketing idea: Why not cover a New York City subway train in Nazi American flags from a parallel universe where the Axis powers won the war?


Yes, according to Gothamist, the shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central has been wrapped in enormous advertisements for Amazon’s alternate-history project The Man in the High Castle. That includes the seats, which have been covered in Nazi/American flags featuring the Iron Cross, as well as a modified circa-World War II Japanese imperial flag. Rider Ann Toback, who brought the ads to Gothamist’s attention, said she was fine with the idea of the show, but, “I shouldn’t have to sit staring at a Nazi insignia on my way to work.”


After hearing reports on Twitter, local news outfit Pix 11 zipped right over to talk to the man under the street. They said most of the riders didn’t seem to notice or weren’t bothered—but then of course standard operating procedure for riding the subway is to deliberately ignore everything around you.

Update, 2:06 p.m.: Sure enough, the MTA has now told Buzzfeed that Amazon has decided to ax the campaign. “Amazon has just decided to pull the ads,” MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz informed Buzzfeed.

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Screencap via Pix 11.

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Nazi and Imperial Japanese insignia are ok. Period panty ads were way too much tho. God bless our country.