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Low Fat Ice Cream Has Everything To Do With Your Boobs

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Did you think ice cream and bras were totally unrelated? You were so wrong!

The website for Skinny Cow's Perfect Cup Tour asks, "What's better than a perfectly portioned, low fat-ice cream cup?" I don't know, world peace? A million dollars? A full-fat ice cream cup? Nope, it's "A perfectly fitting bra cup to go with it!" Despite the fact that in no universe (except John Updike's) do bras "go with" ice cream, Skinny Cow reps will apparently be traveling the country, throwing ice-cream-and-bra-fitting parties complete with free bras. On Facebook, you can even request that they come to your city so that you too can enjoy the spectacle our tipster imagines will involve "women standing topless in tents eating crappy icecream while someone wraps a tape-measure around their naked chest."


While the relentless marketing of low-fat desserts to women is certainly tiresome, it's hard to get too worked up about this gambit. It's mostly just weird. What was rejected in the brainstorming session for this tour? Cup-a-soup? Two girls, one cup? Whatever the case, I guess it's nice to get free bras and ice cream. It's just that one doesn't usually expect to get them together.

Perfect Cup Tour [Official Site]

Image via Skinny Cow

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Ok, so, I kind of like Skinny Cow ice cream. I've only had the mint-chocolate truffle bars or whatever the heck the things are called, but for 100 calories they're pretty tasty. I have a tendency to seriously overindulge on ice cream, so it's kind of nice to have a reasonable, low fat portion. Not that this ad campaign makes sense. I just wanted to defend the taste.