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A man in Ohio has been arrested for felony assault after subjecting his girlfriend to a beating so severe that it ruptured her breast implant. He then took her to the hospital, but threatened to kill her if she told the staff there how she sustained her injuries. Good grief.


According to the police report, 60-year-old Samuel Cole and his 52-year-old girlfriend got into a verbal altercation early on Sunday morning that escalated to Cole beating her. The woman said that at one point, he attempted to suffocate her, and she passed out. He threatened her with further harm if she told anyone, but staff at the hospital were able to discern from the woman's injuries that foul play was involved, and they called the authorities.

Cole's in jail, being held on a $50,000 bond and has been ordered to refrain from contacting the victim.


What could possess anyone to beat another human being that severely is beyond me, but if Cole, once released, promises to throw temper tantrums every time the incident is brought up, in three years he could be invited to perform at the Grammy Awards.

Cops: Ohio woman's breast implant exploded during domestic assault [SmokingGun]

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This is horrible!!! Also I had NO idea implants could rupture from physical force to the chest, does this happen more than we hear about?!