The Daily Mail reports that UK style gurus Trinny and Susannah have identified 12 body shapes. In addition to the ones you're used to — Pear, Apple, Hourglass — the ladies add new, exciting shape descriptions: Cello! Goblet! Bell! Lollipop! Uh, Brick! Skittle! Cornet! (A cornet is a trumpet, see, and there's an ice cream cone called Cornetto. A skittle is basically a bowling pin. It's the UK!) And so, although there are billions of women on this planet, Trinny and Susannah are suggesting that each of them fall into one of these 12 categories — and offer advice for each on how to highlight assets and minimize flaws. (Lollipops look good in bell-bottoms! Kim Cattrall is a Brick! [What??? -Ed.] Skittles should wear high, chunky heels!)

But don't go crying because you're a Column when you'd rather be a Vase... Today is the day you have to look in the mirror and smile. Because today is Love Your Body Day! The National Organization For Women has 10 ways to love your body, including having ice cream, doing some yoga, listening to positive music and having safe sex. We're gonna take our Cello ass to the store and get some Häagen Dazs.
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