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Guess what? Women's Wimbeldon scheduling sucks. The chief of the Women's Tennis Association, Larry Scott, says he is "disappointed and concerned" with the scheduling of women's matches and plans to discuss it with organizers. Serena Williams, Jelena Jankovic and defending champion Venus Williams were all pushed off the two main show courts for their fourth-round matches. Jankovic had to play in Court 18, which she described as "almost in the parking lot." Roger Federer , Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have played all of their matches on the main courts. Serena, who played on Court 2, says, "Initially I thought, OK, is this the right schedule? I thought maybe there was a mistake." She is an eight-time grand slam winner, after all. According to ESPN, "the last time Federer was off the two main show courts at Wimbledon was the 2003 quarterfinals against Dutchman Sjeng Schalken - and that was before Federer had won his first title." By the by: Both Venus and Serena won in the semifinals, so they'll face each other in a sister showcase showdown for the Wimbeldon crown! [ESPN, ESPN, Guardian]


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@Kilotwat: Thank you. You are a doll doll doll. Loves me some FEDAL.

@shiningstar: Although disinclined to "pull mah rayce kard" — I have to agree. You see the same thing on the men's side with the Brits whinging (if you will) that Murray is rude and too hairy (ok, whatever *rolleyes*), and — to a much greater extent — the way they describe Rafa.

"The bull". "The beast." "The monster." Did you see those ATP promo cards with the bull in back of him? I was like "People, you may think you're really subtle and being 'nationalistic' and all, but you are NOT fooling some of us."

(Personally, Rafa and the Williams girls take it better than I do. But I guess tens of millions can buy a lot of serenity.)

It's all subtle but very very real in an NOKD kind of way. Even if I didn't think Rafa was playing his best grass tennis ever right now and he's almost unbeatable, I love watching him win and win and win just to scare the pants off of people who don't like him because of who he is, as opposed to what he can do.

Much as I think Rogi is brilliant, part of me wants Rafa to win it all just to make those types of people violently ill.

No, I'm not obsessed. Whatever would give you that idea?