Love Kids By Candlelight

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[Hong Kong, June 4. Image via Getty]

HONG KONG, CHINA - JUNE 04: A young girl holds up her candles as she joins thousands others in a candlelight vigil for the 20th anniversary of June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing at Victoria Park on June 4, 2009 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy activists reiterate their pleas for the people who ordered the massacre to be held accountable, for the release of dissidents still imprisoned and for the vindication of the pro-democracy movement of 1989. The Pro-democracy activists also called for democracy to be realised by ending the one-party dictatorship in China. (Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images)

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I hope someone has made sure she understands how lucky she is to be able to even attend an event such as this. Hong Kong is the only place in China that is having public remembrances ...elsewhere it's like it never even happened.

I guess Hong Kong is technically China, right? I know it's an S.A.R., but...