Full Disclosure: I'm not really an Entourage fan; my brother's always watching it and I can't get into it. So I probably wouldn't have gone to the Season 5 premiere at New York's Ziegfeld Theater. (If, you know, I was invited to this stuff.) And so I wouldn't have had to follow the "Black White & Ugly" Dress Code that all guests were apparently forced to adhere to. But by gad, I would have bawled these starlets out for the sheer gall of sporting so much virginal white post-Monday! (And btw, Real Housewives of New York were particular offenders in this regard.) Like, if you want to break the rules, that's one thing, but I had the uncomfortable feeling they didn't even know! And this makes me sad. Black and White and Bad all over, after the jump.

The Black:

Leighton Meester plays it safe in basic black.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Leighton Meester either got dressed together or were secretly pissed when the other one showed up.
The White:


Don't think the black accessories make this okay, Constance Zimmer! Fine, it's sorta pretty, she said sullenly.


Okay dress, lousy shoes, Real Housewife Jill Zarin.

I'm confused not just by Julia Levy-Boeken's defiance, but also her hair. Why is she so angry?


You'd think a self-described classy rich person like Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel would know better than to thwart Miss Manners!
The Bad:


This must be what a bad trip feels like. Cause I'm in 1994 with Behati Prinsloo. And I don't like it.

Y'know, if you wanna wear lime green like Carla Gugino, maybe don't do a fabric with a horizontal weave, too.


You know how during the Depression sometimes folks would wear flour-sack dresses? Let's pretend one of those sacks was made of sequined lame and trimmed with feathers. Monique Lhuillier did! Okay, maybe not the sharecropper part.

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