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Lost: Palin PAC Video With Images Of Obama, King Kong

No, the video at left is not the one we're talking about. We're talking about another one.

You see, a Sarah Palin fan Sarah Palin's PAC recently put up (update at bottom of post) - and then quickly took down - a video that, as one Jezebel tipster describes it, is "a very bizarre video with shots of missiles and flags and fireworks and Palin posing with troops, juxtaposed with images of Obama grinning in his Air Force One jacket and images of Air Force One over NYC, and images of King Kong. It concluded 'WE NEED HER.' And was all set to disco music." King Kong? Yes, King Kong. In fact, here's how one of Andrew Sullivan's readers describes it:

Unfortunately, I think the "message" being put out by the Palin folks is pretty clear. You've got a lot of footage of Palin around planes, wearing flight gear —- juxtaposed with the notion that Obama "terrorized" New York via the Air Force One photo-op...and then, the comparison to King Kong's rampage, with the movie still of the bi-planes comin' to get 'im, you betcha. See? Obama's the gorilla. And Palin's the brave pilot itchin' to shoot. Sickening.


Honestly, we assume this has to literally be seen to be believed....except the video is nowhere to be found. Can you help? If so, please send links/tips as to the original video's location - we suspect the video embedded above is its replacement - to

Update: Andrew Sullivan is reporting that the video was made not by Palin's PAC but by a Palin "fanatic".


The Sarahpac Ad
The "SarahPac" Video

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Erin Gloria Ryan

"Crazy" by Britney Spears would have been appropriate background music. Or "Crazy" by Aerosmith. Or "Drive Myself Crazy" by N'Sync. Or "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce.

Anything with "Crazy," really.

Another possibility: "She blinded me with science!"