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Lost: New Scene, New Trailer, And Lotsa (Hidden) Spoilers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lost returns on January 21. After the jump, see a full scene from from the upcoming fifth season, a new trailer, and a bunch of good spoilers (highlight them with your cursor to read).

(Don't worry. None of the links are spoilers. They all go to reference pages, to refresh your memory.)


Here's what we know:
Season 5 is about why people the who are off the island (the Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, Sun, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid) need to get back. According to interviews with the show's writers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, at the Lost panel at ComicCon 2008, the finale of season 4 was written as a pilot for season 5, which means that last season's finale is very important in setting up what will happen in season 5. The writers also said, in reference to characters, that "death is a relative term." Also, the notion of what is past, what is present, and what is future will change, which could mean that the guy who invented the Lost Time Loop Theory was right all along. Cuse and Lindelof also said that we won't know where or when anything takes place at the start of season 5.

Season will have 17 episodes. Here are the titles for the first 10:
1. Because You Left
2. The Lie
3. Jughead
4. The Little Prince
5. This Place Is Death
6. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
7. 316
8. LeFleur
9. Namaste
10. He's Our You


Remember Jeremy Bentham? It was the name of the man in the obituary Jack was reading in the finale episode for season 3. Jack was the only person who went to the viewing and we later learned that the man in the coffin was John Locke. It hasn't yet been revealed why Locke used this alias, although the name reference is interesting, and gives us some clues. The real-life Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher born in the mid-18th century, known for his "advocacy of utilitarianism, a form of consequentialism, meaning that the moral worth of an action is determined by its outcome - the ends justify the means. Utilitarianism argued that the 'right' action or policy was that which would cause 'the greatest happiness of the greatest number.'" He argued that the "ability to suffer, not the ability to reason, must be the benchmark of how we treat other beings." That sounds a lot like Locke.

Anyway, here is some info on how Locke/Bentham ended up in that coffin:
Jeremy Bentham will die in a car crash.


According to interviews with producers, Desmond — who's known for his mysterious ability to predict the future — will be one of the main focuses of this upcoming season:
What happened to him in prison will be explored. His relationship with Penny will also be a part of season 5.

There are also plans for Rousseau, the French woman who's been trapped on the island since 1988 and gave birth there, only to have her daughter Alex kidnapped by the Others.
We will get her back story, which will most likely revolve around what happened to her and her science team when they were first stranded on the island, since it's been confirmed that a "young Rousseau" has been cast for this season.
We will also find out what happened to Montand's arm. Montand was a member of Rousseau's science expedition, and she once briefly mentioned that he lost his arm.


As for Claire:
She will not be in any new scenes in season 5. Her contract has been put on hold because producers do not want her to appear until the 6th and final season, for which she's expected to have a big presence.

Christian (Claire and Jack's father, and Aaron's grandfather):
He'll be a series regular in season 5, even though he died before the plane crashed.


Daniel Faraday, the physicist who arrived on the island via helicopter last season (played by Jeremy Davies):
He, Charlotte and Miles will suffer nosebleeds and get the same sickness that Desmond had in season 4, which is an indication of time travel.

It's revealed that he "had words" with the real Henry Gale, the man who landed on the island in a hot air balloon, and whose identity Ben stole in the first season when he infiltrated the crash survivors' camp. He told them that Henry Gale was dead when he found him.


Richard Alpert, one of the Hostiles:
His past will be revealed, and he will be featured prominently. We also will find out that he's very old (over 100), even though he doesn't seem to age.

Info on some other main characters:
Charlie, Ana-Lucia, and Mr. Eko will all return!
As will Libby. the only member of the main cast who was never given her own centric episode with more than one flashback. She is also the only main Flight-815er whose motives for going to Australia and boarding the flight have yet to be disclosed. The theory that she is one of the Others is "not barking up the wrong tree."


Radzinsky, the Dharma station worker who shot himself before Desmond arrived will make an appearance this season.

And a biggie:
Jin's not dead!

What Sawyer whispered in Kate's ear before he jumped out of the helicopter on the season 4 finale:
He wants Kate to find his daughter Clementine that he had with his old con partner Cassidy, and tell her what happened to him.


And finally:
In order for the Oceanic Six to get back to the island, they will have to travel to off-island Dharma stations. Also, in this season, there are no more flashbacks or flashforwards.

Here's a sneak peek at a full scene from the upcoming season, featuring Ben and Jack.


And here's a new trailer, released today: